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  “If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere” – Henry Kissinger
Now more than ever businesses are facing fundamental shifts in their markets, discontinuities and economic upheaval. Very often however, organisations become mesmerised by their internal dynamics such that they do not address change in an active and purposeful way. There are numerous reasons for this from the perceived risk of the fall-out from change to a lack of shared purpose in a drive to achieve effective change. It is generally accepted that the failure rate is higher than 40%. It is not surprising then that companies are reluctant to undergo orchestrated programmes of change for fear of failure, yet change they must if organisations are to adapt effectively and be fit to shape their future and to continue to grow in their chosen markets.

More Than One offers a deep understanding of the dynamics in play in any business transformation context and the experience to identify what needs to change and how the change can be delivered whilst minimising change disruption and maximising focus on business performance outcomes. Successful change is multi-faceted which makes it complex and hard to manage, the primary reason why it is often perceived to have failed. Effective change needs to take place on many levels and generally involves a combination of structural, behavioural, process and technology elements of the business. Taking a macro approach does not have to mean unmanageable business disruption. Critical to the successful implementation of change is the combination of leadership clarity and ownership of direction combined with mind-set management. This often informs the micro aspects of change. Aligning the two is essential for ultimate success.

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More Than One has significant experience in this field. Gwen Ventris has 25 years’ experience both as a business transformation practitioner and as a business executive leading and being accountable for, business performance improvements; creating businesses from a standing start through to driving significant global business transformations.

Areas of Expertise:
- Business transformation strategies
- Change management process and implementation planning
- Energy networks and the importance of mind-set
- Leadership development, coaching and team alignment
- Mergers, acquisitions and business integration
- Organisation design and development
- Business process and technology transformations
- Talent and capability management
- Communications strategies, processes and plans including employee engagement techniques
- Performance management and managing conflict to achieve higher levels of performance
- Human Resource strategies and services