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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates

In today’s connected world effective collaboration has become a critical success factor.  Collaboration needs to take place both internally within the organisation and externally with other organisations.  Businesses need to “organise” to collaborate; collaboration does not necessarily take place naturally.  The extent to which it does tends to be determined by organisation history, culture and talent – the people who individually and collectively generate superior ideas, fresh perspective and new ways of doing things.

Effective collaboration is a source of competitive advantage.  Organisations, businesses and individuals derive greater benefit through successful collaborations.  In essence the whole can become greater than the sum of its parts.  In a world where productivity, speed, leveraging ideas and know-how count and translate into hard economics, the financial and motivational benefits of collaboration can be significant.

Many organisations have developed over time in response to different markets, economic conditions and even different forms of leadership, often resulting in a less than coherent approach to enabling effective collaboration.  In fact organisations can unwittingly develop obstacles in their systems, structure, processes, culture and even leadership style which can directly and indirectly discourage and build resistance to collaboration.

Collaborative business models can be applied to address many business transformation and change challenges; restructuring and integration, innovation and idea creation, integration of acquisitions, skills, rewards and human resource management integration, geographic and global integration, sales and marketing integration, technology platform integration.

Ventris Associates believe that effective application of a collaborative business model can deliver significant value to business performance and financial outcomes.  We have considerable experience in this area and 20+ years of practical application solving business problems in highly competitive markets.

Areas of Expertise:
- Innovation and leadership
- Innovation and organisation culture
- Innovation and business structure
- Capability based business models
- Partnering and collaborative models
- Network based communication
- Value creation through people
- Social media and technology