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  “The empires of the future are empires of the mind.” – Winston Churchill
More Than One work with change across all levels of the organisation, working with leaders, functional specialists and teams using analytical and intuitive methods. Energy networks exist in all organisations. Identifying, understanding and aligning them is crucial to business change success.

Energy networks reveal the way energy flows around an organisation. Energy networks are significantly influenced by mind-set. This should be of real interest and concern to the leadership of any business/ organisation since people at all levels of the organisation are the ultimate (often silent) arbiters when it comes to effective implementation of change. More Than One has developed a unique approach to leadership and team development using its Energy Networks methodology.

Successful change addresses a multiplicity of factors at the same time to deliver desired outcomes. It is often complex, requiring a combination of expertise, wisdom, analytical and intuitive capabilities; a mixture of IQ and EQ.

Significant change will involve the 7S’s: Strategy, Skills, Structure, Systems, Style, Shared Values and Staff (People). Tackling any one of these areas without understanding the consequential impact on the other components can lead to unintended and unmanageable outcomes. And all of these factors need to be set in the context of economics, markets and customers.

These organisation dimensions can be condensed into:

Structure : Technology : Process : People

More Than One believe the key factors which distinguish an organisation’s ability to implement successful change are the quality of its leadership, how a company chooses to organise to deliver its products and services, its ability to innovate and the extent to which it understands and manages its energy networks and is able to bring these into alignment in the process of change.

An organisations’ ability to innovate in all aspects of the way it does business is crucial to its future success. An organisations’ capacity to innovate and change and its energy networks are strongly linked. More Than One has the practical experience to apply this knowledge to addressing significant and complex change challenges within its client’s organisations.

Areas of Expertise:
- Business transformation strategies
- Change management process and implementation planning
- Energy networks and the importance of mind-set
- Leadership development, Executive coaching and team alignment
- Mergers, acquisitions and business integration
- Organisation design and development
- Business process and technology transformations
- Talent and capability management
- Communications strategies, processes and plans including employee engagement techniques
- Performance management and managing conflict to achieve higher levels of performance
- Human resource strategies and services