About Gwen Ventris

Her background includes:

Substantial national, international and multi-cultural leadership experience at board level in a
number of “world-class” international business environments, operating in Europe, Asia, Canada
and the United States.

Significant strategic and operational experience in public to private transformations and building innovative and progressive cultures. Latterly in building a UK public sector focused organisation
into a global business with significant US presence.

Strong leadership and advisory skills and the ability to work with a range of different executive personalities
in bringing boards and executive groups together to collaborate to achieve effective business outcomes.
Excellent experience in board level talent management, capability/skills development and leadership/executive coaching.

A Master’s degree in change management and human resource strategy and has spoken at a number of conferences. Gwen is interested in the impact of social media on current business models and in collaboration and the power of the internet. Building “enabling” organisations and the use of knowledge and knowledge management systems in business. She is concerned about women’s issues and value creation in the enterprise through innovation and entrepreneurialism. She is a supporter of the Princes Trust helping disadvantaged young people in their efforts to set up in business, a member of the IOD and Criticaleye; The Network for Leaders.

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