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Human Resource Strategies
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Managing Change
  “Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it” – David Star Jordan
Effective Human Resource management requires a strong appreciation of the business agenda, the mechanics of the business, its markets, customers and challenges.  It also needs a comprehensive and detailed view of the human resources within the business; its Talent Assets.

Human Resource management encompasses a wide range of people and process matters from recruitment and talent acquisition through to performance management, training, development and restructuring and redundancies.

More Than One works with its clients to develop Human Resource strategies which align with business strategy objectives; are informed by market dynamics and take account of the latest thinking and human resource innovations where appropriate.

Areas of Expertise

- Business transformation strategies
- Change management process and implementation planning
- Energy networks and the importance of mind-set
- Leadership development, Executive coaching and team alignment
- Mergers, acquisitions and business integration
- Talent and capability management
- Organisation design and development
- Communications strategies, processes and plans including employee engagement techniques
- Recruitment and talent acquisition strategies
- Performance management and managing conflict to achieve higher levels of performance
- Recognition and reward strategies
- Restructuring and downsizing