Our Approach


We are committed to acting as a Trusted Advisor, building mutually beneficial relationships and delivering work of the highest standard.


We aim to ensure alignment between client and consultant and to work in collaboration to achieve the best results.


We expect to build long term relationships with our clients and are passionate about their success and achieving their business goals.  In this context we aim to ensure that all contracted work is completed within budget and committed timeframes, to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


We seek at all times to deliver value to our clients and we apply a value based fee structure.


We are committed to act with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in the pursuit of delivering high quality work for and on behalf of our clients.

What we will not Do

Make a commitment to deliver based on our deep understanding and experience and then send in inexperienced consultants to do the work.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which managed change and the personal growth of people sit at the heart of the strategic agenda in every business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses ignite the potential of people, redefine the way this is achieved and move it to the heart of the business agenda; making our clients stronger, fitter and better equipped for growth.

Our values

We believe passionately that successful businesses of the future will change the traditional business landscape from autocratic leadership models of command and control to enabling models which support entrepreneurialism, enhance individual capability, innovation and generally enriching the experience of working life for all.


We believe in fostering innovation and creativity within organisations. Empowering people to contribute performance improvement ideas and creating a sense of ownership of organisation/company outcomes will always lead to greater things.  Individual accountability and collective responsibility, combined with an open and learning culture are crucial to successful businesses of the future.


We believe in alignment of the client and consultant agenda and in working in collaboration to achieve the best results.  We aim to act as a Trusted Advisor placing our clients at the centre of what we do and supporting our clients at all times with our full commitment, integrity and value.

We believe that intelligent and competent women should be better represented on the boards of institutions and businesses and that there is a link between effective business performance and the positive contribution of women.

ABOUT Gwen Ventris

Gwen has created More Than One to support the development of organisations, leaders and talented people in business.
She has extensive experience in leading and managing
significant change in international telecoms, technology, scientific and consulting businesses during some of the most turbulent, technology disruptive and progressive periods in recent
business history.

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